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Whitehead-Thomas Show Pigs

A family farm who raises Spotted show pigs.


The client had never had a logo before and needed one that represented their farm that they could use to brand themselves.  I wanted to create a logo that would stand out from all the other show pig logos while being versatile so it could be used in whatever way it needed to be.

Target Audience:

People who purchase show pigs, 4-H members, FFA members etc.

Type Study:

I wanted a typeface that would stand out and had a voice of its own.  I pulled different typefaces and studied how the letterforms worked together in each font.

Concept Exploration:

I knew I wanted a sharp-looking show pig in the logo.  I started with an outline of a pig I created and started exploring ways of combining the text with the pig.

Final Logo Concepts:

I presented these logo concepts to the client.  Ultimately the client liked the font from the top right option and the concept from the bottom right.  He also requested to make the pig have floppy ears and spots to look like the breed of pigs they raise.

Final Logo:

Logo in Action:

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